Papdi Chat (cold) ..... $5.95

Spiced potatoes, cucumbers, onions, green peppers and tomatoes with fried wheat wafers, yogurt sauce and sweet and sour tangy sauce.

Bhel Puri (cold) ..... $5.95

A mixture of puffed rice, gram flour sev, crushed poories, tomatoes and onions. Served with hot and sweet chutnies.

Idli Sambar ..... $6.95 Vegan Gluten free

8 mini steamed rice and lentil cakes, soaked in sambar.

Madurai Podi Idli ..... $6.95 Vegan Gluten free

Pieces of Idli tempered with onion and spices.

Medhu Vada ..... $5.95 Vegan Gluten free

Deep fried crispy lentil donuts made with mild spices.
Add $1 for Vada soaked in Sambar or Rasam.

Dahi Vada ..... $5.95 Gluten free

Fried crispy lentil donuts dipped in yogurt.

Vegetable Samosa (2 pcs)..... $3.95

Deep fried crispy lightly spiced turnovers stuffed with potato and peas.

Vegetable Pakoras (5 pcs)..... $3.95 Vegan

Fresh cut vegetables, deep fried in chick pea batter.

Paneer Pakora ..... $4.95 Gluten free

Homemade cheese fritters deep fried in chick-pea batter.

Chilli Bhajji ..... $4.95 Spicy

Banana pepper fritters.

Aloo Tikki with Chole Masala ..... $6.95 Gluten free

Spiced potato and spinach patties deep fried in chick pea batter, served with garbanzo beans.

Gobi 65 ..... $6.95

Spiced cauliflower fritters.

Sundal ..... $5.95 Vegan Gluten free

Seasoned chickpeas sauteed with roasted onion, coconut & spices.

Vegetable Platter ..... $9.95

Assorted combination of Vegetable Pakoras, Cheese Pakoras, Samosa, Tikki, Chilli Bhajji and Vada.


Mysore Tomato Rasam ..... $2.95 Vegan Gluten free Spicy

Spicy Tomato & Tamarind flavored South Indian soup.

Mulagtawny Soup ..... $3.95 Vegan Gluten free

Spicy hot soup, made with lentils, vegetables and spices.

Hot & Sour Vegetable Soup ..... $3.95 Vegan Gluten free Spicy

Spicy & sour mixed vegetable Indo-Chinese soup.

Tomato Soup ..... $3.95 Vegan Gluten free

Homemade tomato soup.

House Specialities

Channa Batura ..... $11.95

Large deep fried puffy bread served with chick peas curry.

Channa Paneer Masala ..... $11.95 Gluten free

Whole chick peas, homemade cheese with fresh garlic, ginger cooked in a creamy tomarto sauce.

Poori Bhajji ..... $11.95 Vegan

Deep fried puffy wheat bread served with potato masala.

Vegetable Uppuma ..... $9.95 Vegan

Cream of wheat cooked with vegetables & spices.

Kothu Paratha ..... $10.95

Chopped south Indian style paratha mixed with khorma & spices.

Idyappam Khorma ..... $10.95 Vegan

Fine steamed rice noodles served with vegetable khorma.

Pav Bhajji ..... $10.95

Fresh garden vegetables cooked in tomato gravy with onion, garlic, ginger.
Served with 2 Pav (bread rolls)

Khattay Mithay Baingan ..... $11.95 Vegan Gluten free

Fresh eggplant cooked in a special sweet and sour sauce with spices, garnished with cilantro.

Achari Gobhi ..... $11.95 Vegan Gluten free

Fresh cauliflower pan cooked with pickle spices.

Achari Paneer ..... $12.95 Gluten free

Homemade cheese cubes pan cooked with pickle spices.

Paneer Bhurji ..... $12.95 Gluten free

Grated homemade cheese cooked with fresh tomatoes, diced onion, ginger, garlic and spices.


Manchurian Style ..... $9.95 Vegan

Idli and Gobi, served with rice.

Chilli Style ..... $10.95

Tofu and Paneer, served with rice.

Fried Rice ..... $9.95 Vegan

Vegetable, Szechuan.

Noodles ..... $10.95 Vegan

Vegetable chilli garlic, Szechuan.


All dosai served with sambar and chutney on the side. Dosai can be made Gluten free upon request.

Sada Dosai ..... $9.95 Vegan

Thin rice & lentil crepe.

Masala Dosai ..... $10.95 Vegan

Thin rice and lentil crepe filled with potato and curry leaf spiced onion masala.

Paper Dosai ..... $10.95 Vegan

Paper thin crispy, large crepe.

Paper Masala Dosai ..... $10.95 Vegan

Paper thin dosai stuffed with curry leaf spiced potato masala.

Ghee Roast ..... $10.95

Thin crepe with clarified butter.

Butter Masala Dosai ..... $10.95

Butter flavored dosai with potato masala & cilantro.

Mysore Masala Dosai ..... $10.95 Vegan Spicy

Coated with spicy South Indian sauce.

Onion Rava Masala Dosai ..... $10.95 Vegan

Rava dosa with onion & potato onion masala.

Podi Masala Dosai ..... $10.95 Vegan Spicy

Dosai with spicy chilli powder & potato masala.

Spring Dosai ..... $10.95 Vegan

Stuffed with cabbage, carrot & potato masala, rolled & sliced.

Malli Dosai ..... $10.95 Vegan Spicy

Coated with sweet & spicy coriander sauce.

Special Masala Dosai ..... $11.95 Vegan Spicy

Coated with spicy chutney, sauteed onion, tomato & potato masala, rolled & sliced.

Masala Paneer Dosai ..... $11.95 Spicy

Stuffed with sauted onion, tomato & paneer.

Pesarattu ..... $10.95 Vegan

Spicy green lentil crepe served with uppuma.


Plain Uthappam ..... $7.95 Vegan Gluten free

Rice & lentil pancake.

Onion Uthappam ..... $8.95 Vegan Gluten free

Rice & lentil pancake topped with onion.

Onion Hot Chilli Uthappam ..... $9.95 Vegan Gluten free Spicy

Rice & lentil pancake topped with onion, chilli & cilantro.

Vegetable Uthappam ..... $10.95 Vegan Gluten free

Rice & lentil pancake topped with vegetables & cilantro.

Chesse Vegetable Uthappam ..... $10.95 Gluten free

Rice & lentil pancake topped with vegetables & cheese.

Rice Specials

Lemon Rice ..... $9.95 Vegan Gluten free Spicy

Lemon flavored basmati rice with mild spices.

Tamarind Rice ..... $9.95 Vegan Gluten free Spicy

Tamarind flavoured rice with mild spices.

Tomato Rice ..... $9.95 Vegan Gluten free Spicy

Rice cooked with tomato & spices.

Coconut Rice ..... $9.95 Vegan Gluten free

Rice cooked with coconut & spices.

Bise Bela Bath ..... $9.95 Gluten free

Rice cooked with lentils, fresh vegetables & spices.

Pongal ..... $9.95 Gluten free

Rice cooked with lentils & spices. Served with sambar & chutney.

Curd Rice ..... $9.95 Gluten free

Rice mixed with yogurt sauce & mild spices.

Vegetable Biryani ..... $10.95 Gluten free

Basmati rice cooked with vegetables & spices. Served with raita.

Vegetable Pulao ..... $9.95 Vegan Gluten free

Basmati rice cooked with peas, onion, green pepper, garnished with fresh herbs.


All curries served with Rice

Vegetable Khorma ..... $11.95 Vegan Gluten free

Assorted vegetables cooked in coconut sauce with mild spices.

Navratan Korma ..... $11.95 Gluten free

Fresh garden vegetables cooked in a creamy sauce with ginger, garlic, onion, nuts and spices.

Vegetables cooked in coconut sauce & yogurt sauce.

Channa Saag ..... $11.95 Gluten free

Fresh spinach cooked with whole chick peas, fresh garlic, ginger ,spices, garnished with fresh corriander.

Saag Paneer ..... $11.95 Gluten free

Fresh spinach cooked with onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, cream & pieces of home-made cheese.

Khumb Saag ..... $11.95 Gluten free

Fresh spinach cooked with mushrooms, garlic and ginger.

Bhindi Masala ..... $11.95 Vegan Gluten free

Okra cooked with onion, tomato & spices.

Aloo Gobi ..... $11.95 Vegan Gluten free

Potato & cauliflower cooked with onion, tomato & mild spices.

Channa Masala ..... $11.95 Vegan Gluten free

Chick peas cooked in onion, tomato sauce.

Chettinad Vegetables ..... $11.95 Vegan Gluten free Spicy

Vegetables cooked with spicy South Indian special masala.

Aloo Mutter ..... $11.95 Vegan Gluten free

Fresh green peas cooked in a delicately spiced sauce with potatoes.

Mutter Paneer ..... $11.95 Gluten free

Green peas cooked in onion, tomtato sauce with pieces of home-made cheese.

Ennai Kathirikka ..... $11.95 Vegan Spicy

Fried eggplant cooked with onion, tomato, ginger & herbs.

Baingan Bhurtha ..... $11.95 Gluten free

An eggplant specialty baked over open flame, mashed and then sauteed with onions, garlic, ginger and other spices.

Poondu Kuzhambu ..... $11.95 Vegan Gluten free Spicy

Garlic cooked in tamarind based sauce with onion & tomato.

Dal Tadka ..... $11.95 Gluten free

Lentils cooked with onion, tomato, butter and spices.

Dal Makhani ..... $11.95 Gluten free

Lentils cooked with fresh herbs and spices, sauteed in butter and garnished with fresh coriander.

Malai Kofta ..... $11.95 Gluten free

Vegetable and cheese balls cooked in a creamy nut sauce with fresh herbs and spices.

Paneer Tikka Masala ..... $12.95 Gluten free

Homemade cheese cooked in a creamy tomato sauce.

Shahi Paneer ..... $12.95 Gluten free

Homemade cheese sauteed with fresh ginger, garlic, onion, tomato, garnished with nuts and raisins and cooked in a creamy sauce.

Paneer Do Piaza ..... $11.95 Gluten free

Pan roasted homemade cheese cubes with fresh ginger, onion, and bell peppers.

Vegetale Jalfrezi ..... $11.95 Gluten free

Assorted mix vegetables cooked with spices and herbs in a curry sauce.

Vegetable Bhuna ..... $11.95 Vegan Gluten free

Assorted fresh mix vegetables in a thick sauce.

Vegetable Vindaloo ..... $11.95 Vegan Gluten free Spicy

Assorted vegetables cooked in a spicy tangy tomato sauce.

Rajmah ..... $11.95 Vegan Gluten free

Red Kidney beans in a tomato onion sauce.

Indian Breads

Chappathi (2pcs)..... $3.00 Vegan

Wheat bread cooked on griddle.

Dal Poori (2pcs)..... $4.95 Vegan

Deep fried whole wheat and lentil bread.

Poori (2pcs)..... $3.95 Vegan

Whole wheat, deep fried puffed bread.

Tandoori Roti ..... $2.95 Vegan

Whole wheat bread baked in tandoor.

Paratha ..... $3.00 Vegan

Multi layered whole wheat bread cooked with butter on a griddle.

Aloo Paratha ..... $3.95 Vegan

Wheat bread stuffed with mashed potato cooked with butter on a griddle.

Naan ..... $2.95

Unleavened white flour bread baked in our Tandoor.

Garlic Naan ..... $3.95

Unleavened white flour bread flavored with garlic herbs & spices.

Onion Khulcha ..... $3.95

Unleavened white flour bread stuffed with onion.

Aloo Naan ..... $3.95

Soft white bread stuffed with potatoes, green peas and spices.

Broccoli Naan ..... $3.95 Spicy

Naan bread stuffed fresh broccoli, onions, mix pickels and corriander.

Peshawary Naan ..... $3.95

Multi-layered unleavened bread stuffed with sweet coconut, raisins and nuts. Baked in the tandoor.

Spinach Naan ..... $3.95

Naan bread stuffed with spinach, homemade cheese and spices.

Bread Basket ..... $9.95

Assortment of Naan, Garlic Naan, and Aloo Naan.

Side Orders

Plain Yogurt ..... $2.95 Gluten free

Raita ..... $2.95 Gluten free

Plain Rice ..... $2.95 Vegan

Sambar ..... $5.95 Vegan Gluten free

Potato Masala ..... $3.95 Vegan Gluten free

Mango Chutney ..... $1.50 Vegan Gluten free

Pickle ..... $1.50 Vegan Gluten free Spicy

Appalam ..... $2.00 Vegan Gluten free

Pappad 4 pcs.

Milakai Podi ..... $1.50 Vegan Gluten free Spicy

Mixture of spicy lentil powder.


Badam Halwa ..... $4.95 Gluten free

Almond paste cooked in mild & butter, flavored with saffron

Carrot Halwa ..... $3.95 Gluten free

Grated carrot cooked in milk & butter, garnished with nuts & raisins.

Rasmalai ..... $4.00 Gluten free

Homemade cheese dumplings soaked in flavored milk.

Kulfi ..... $3.50

Homemade sweetened milk ice cream, choice of mango or pistachio.

Gulab Jamun ..... $3.50

Milk balls fried & soaked in cardamom flavored sugar syrup.

Payasam ..... $3.95

Vermicilli cooked in sweetened milk, garnished with nuts & grains.

Rice Pudding ..... $3.95 Gluten free

Rice cooked in milk with nuts & cardamom.


Mango Shake ..... $3.95

Chickoo Shake ..... $3.95

Mango Juice ..... $3.00

Mango Lassi ..... $3.25

Sweet Lassi ..... $2.95

Salt Lassi ..... $2.95

Neer More ..... $2.95

Spiced buttermilk.

Indian Soda ..... $2.50

Limca, thums up.

Soda ..... $1.50

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange, Ginger Ale.

Vegan Vegan  Gluten free Gluten free Spicy Spicy
Please let us know if you are exclusively vegan.

Reminder:  Some items are cooked to order and may be served raw or undercooked. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase risk of foodborne illness.

Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.

Subject to Massachusetts & local meals tax.
Prices, items & offers are subject to change without prior notice.